I am a firm believer in the idea that healthcare is a human right. In the past century, we’ve seen astronomical increases in the costs of healthcare. Prices rise, but million of Americans remain uninsured. Even those with healthcare are susceptible to bankruptcy due to healthcare costs, medical debt remains the leading cause of bankruptcy in this nation. It is not the everyday Hoosier who benefits from this system, but the pharmaceutical moguls who seek to line their pockets.

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The issue with our economic solutions is that we propose short term solutions with antiquated methods. The future of the Hoosier economy is a 21st century crisis, and it requires a 21st century solution. The solution to our economic problems must last the age, not the next few months. That’s why I am a supporter of a Indiana Green New Deal that invests in sustainable solutions that creates both a realistic growing economy and a cleaner environment.


Education has always been one of the great pillars of our society, where the next generation can come together and hone their creativity and intellect. This is an area in which not only our state, but our nation has slowly deviated away from. Schools remain dilapidated and crumbling, underfunded and understaffed, and many local schools are clinging on by a thread to provide a proper education. All these issues stem from one core problem, funding. Our schools simply are not funded enough to be able to tackle these issues. Teachers are underpaid, resources are lacking, and facilities are failing.

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Indiana desperately needs criminal justice reform to begin addressing the racial inequality in our state. We need to end the school to prison pipeline and focus our justice system on rehabilitation and detention alternatives rather than jailing. Additionally, we need to get rid of discriminatory voter ID laws, enact automatic voter enrollment for Indiana citizens, and end gerrymandering to ensure all people have the ability to use their vote.