American lives are not a product for self-serving agencies, nor are they the tools of political gain. Pharmaceutical companies have been increasing the costs of prescription drugs exponentially with impunity. Millions of Americans, including those in our very state, have been running their accounts dry in attempting to afford prescription drugs. This unchecked monopolization of human lives needs to end. We need to put pressure on these companies to provide equitable prices. No family should have to choose between eating that day or acquiring much needed medicine for themselves or their loved ones.


The devastation of COVID-19 has exposed the failures of our healthcare system. With millions of Americans infected and thousands of lives claimed, now more than ever, we need action. This current system is antiquated, corrupt, and it has failed. 

If elected, I vow as your representative to fight for a future where affordable healthcare is no longer a distant dream, but rather a commonality amongst Hoosiers, a reality.


As your elected representative I will………

Adorable Girl with Pediatrician

Public Options

Fight to expand public options to ensure Hoosiers from all economic backgrounds have access to the care they need.

Healthcare Workers

Support our local healthcare workers. Healthcare workers are on the frontlines of fighting COVID-19. They often work overbearing hours with little compensation, and now more than ever, they need our support.

Pre-exisiting Conditions

Secure coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Drug Prices

Push for equitable prices on prescription drugs.

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