The failures of our education system here in Indiana affect all Hoosiers, especially the working class family. Students from working families often have to work outside of school. We see that these kids may need more support in keeping up with their classes, as they simply don’t have the same amount of study time compared to other students. 

A student who works to support their family shouldn’t be left behind, but given the support of their schools to achieve success.


Now, with COVID-19 drastically shifting our daily lives, these pre-existing problems have contributed to the panicked response of our state government. We can not expect our school system to be able to respond to a pandemic when they can barely afford to cover their expenses of a normal school year. The politicization of our education budget has to end. The safety of our children and our schools are not political tools for career politicians. 


We must throw away the chains of partisan agenda and listen to both our local educators and community leaders and give them our full unwavering support.

As your elected representative I will………

Classroom Lecture


Prioritize funding for education so that our educators and schools have the ability to give our children the very best education.

Bargaining Rights

Bring back collective bargaining rights. No teacher should have to be subjected to intolerable work environments.

All Students

Propose new and innovative funding methods to support students of all incomes.


Fight to ensure schools are safe and equipped to deal with COVID-19.

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