The issue with our economic solutions is that we propose short term solutions with antiquated methods. The future of the Hoosier economy is a 21st century crisis, and it requires a 21st century solution. The solution to our economic problems must last the age, not the next few months. That’s why I am a supporter of an Indiana Green New Deal that invests in sustainable solutions to create a realistic growing economy while providing a cleaner environment and addressing environmental injustic


Investing in infrastructure improvements on the fronts of phasing out fossil fuels to be replaced by renewable energy on a large scale, cleaning up pollution and hazardous waste, implementing a system of carbon neutral public transport throughout the state, and upgrading state-owned properties to improve energy efficiency. With these innovative and ambitious projects, we can create thousands of new jobs, with a particular focus on a pathway program that trains fossil fuel workers to seamlessly transition from their current jobs to equally well-paying jobs in the renewable energy sector.


Another core issue within our economy is matching wages with the growing inflation rates. Minimum wage halting at measly $7.25 is absolutely unacceptable. How can Hoosiers be expected to succeed when they are barely making ends meet? These wages no longer meet the high living standards of today’s Indiana, and that needs to change.


The everyday worker is the lifeblood of our economy, ranging from steel mills to the corner bakery. Their rights are the foundations of a booming economy and healthy middle class. These rights are held in place by unions. All workers should be able to negotiate wages, working conditions, and be able to organize without threat of pay loss or job termination.  


Indiana has a long and arduous journey to pick up our economy and prepare it for the years to come. That starts by moving forward and taking innovative ideas to the negotiating table.  I vow to take these issues to the state house and create a brighter and progressive future for our children to inherit.


As your elected representative I will………

Construction Workers
Close Up of Corn Field

Green New Deal

Propose an Indiana Green New Deal stimulating our economy with thousands of new jobs whilst conserving our environment and addressing environmental injustice.

Wage Increase

Match worker wages with inflation and the growing demands of modern living standards.


Strengthen unions and support the advancement of workers’ rights.

Small Business

Support local businesses to stand against the economic struggles of COVID-19.

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