Fort Wayne is a city flourishing with diversity. It’s this very diversity that unifies us and makes us strong. We are blessed to have a community of varying backgrounds and stories. But with diversity comes challenge, and that challenge is inequality. Indiana desperately needs criminal justice reform to begin addressing the racial inequality in our state. We need to end the school to prison pipeline and focus our justice system on rehabilitation rather than feeding into the prison industry. 


The politicization of our people needs to end. That means ending discriminatory voter ID laws, enacting automatic voter registration for Indiana citizens, and ending gerrymandering to ensure the very foundations of our democracy are kept honest. Voting is a right to all Americans and should never be manipulated to support self-serving agendas.


Who you love should never be a deterrent to success, yet that is reality for thousands of Hoosiers. We must expand the existing hate crimes bill and enact policy that ensures that all Hoosiers regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity are protected from discrimination. 


Indiana’s growth was molded by the hands of people from every walk of life. Regardless of the color of your skin, who you love, and what religion you follow, we all have a part to play in making our community a better place. If elected, I will fight to ensure that the rights of all Hoosiers are protected and emboldened. The future of our community is a future shared by all, and together we can make that future a better one. 


As your elected representative I will………

Family Unwrapping

Hate Crime Bill

Expand the Hate Crime Bill to protect all Hoosiers.

Fight Voting Laws

Fight to end discriminatory voting laws affecting communities at the benefit of self serving politicians.


Stand against gerrymandering which directly weakens the votes of many minority communities.


Redirect the conversation of detention in prisons to rehabilitation.

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